What is a Fat Quarter?

A fat quarter is essentially a quarter of a metre of fabric.  Instead of it being divided up the regular way (25cm in length x full width of the fabric) the metre of fabric is actually divided in half width wise, and then in half length wise, so a fat quarter measures 50cm in length x half the width of the fabric.  Instead of it being long and thin it is short and fat - hence the name fat quarter!

This is what a 1/4 metre looks like

This is what a fat quarter looks like

If you wanted to purchase a half metre of fabric you would purchase 2 fat quarters and would get a piece 50cm in length x full width of fabric

If you want to purchase a metre of fabric you would choose 4 fat quarters which would get you a piece measuring 100cm in length x full width of the fabric.

How do I purchase fabric larger than a fat quarter?

Below is a chart showing how many units (fat quarters) you would need to purchase to get larger pieces of fabric


Fat Quarters


Fabric Length


Fabric Width

(E.g. Fabric width 110cm)





50cm (1/2 Metre)



75cm (3/4 Metre)



100cm  (1 Metre)



125cm  (1.25 Metres)



150cm  (1.5 Metres)



175cm  (1.75 Metres)



200cm  (2 Metres)



225cm  (2.25 Metres)



250cm  (2.5 Metres)



Do you send out swatches samples?

Due to the volume of requests for samples we now ask that you send an SAE listing up to 3 samples of your choice (as long as they are available as samples).  Please contact us for further details should you wish to order samples so that we can tell you if your choices are available.  Please note that samples are very small and are for colour matching purposes only.  Alternatively, we can invoice you for a small charge of 99p and send the samples out directly. Please contact us for details.

Do you supply wholesale?

We are a retailer and not a wholesaler; therefore we do not give wholesale prices at this time  Thank you for your understanding.

Is your fabric suitable for children's sleepwear?

Unfortunately the fabric we sell is currently not suitable for children's sleepwear as it has not been treated or tested to the specific requirements needed for such garments.

Will my fabric shrink?

All fabric is liable to shrinkage when first washed.  Therefore we recommend that you pre-wash your fabric prior to use to allow for such shrinkage.

Do you sell fabric and trims by the yard?

At this time all our fabric and trims are measured using the metric system and they are sold in centimetres and metres where applicable.  We do not sell by the imperial measurements of inches and yards.

I live outside the UK, can I purchase from you?

We currently post to Austria, France, Germany, Spain, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland & Norway at a cost of £7.99. We also ship to Australia and New Zealand at a cost of £9.99. However, if you are outside these countries we may post to you via our eBay store, and you can find it here Fabrics & Fancies